We are thankful and excited to be back, but we are even more grateful you have chosen to continue to be a part of the Busy Kids Family!  Below are some specific COVID-19 changes to our gym we would like to make you aware of.



To help aid in social distancing guidelines, we have decreased our openings in each class.  This is our effort to reduce the number of students in the gym to keep everyone as safe as possible.  You will notice a significant decrease in the amount of traffic or kids in the gym as our number one concern is to aid in social distancing. 



Our water fountains are not currently in use per state and CDC guidelines.  Please make sure your child brings a water bottle to the gym.  We do have drinks for sale in our drink fridge, but we are refraining the selling of snacks currently.



We will be removing chairs in our lobby to promote social distancing.  All toys in our playroom will also be removed.  We kindly ask only one adult per family in our lobby to assist with social distancing. We do encourage the use of smart phones (facetime, zoom, house party) to share your little one(s) live with your family members instead of physically being at our gym.  Please refrain from bringing extra little ones, unless necessary, to reduce the amount of people in the lobby.  We understand we have many families who have multiple children and we ask to be considerate of everyone.  If siblings must travel to the gym please bring your own basketball, football, ball and gloves so they can shoot hoops or play in our yard to help promote social distancing.  If siblings are in attendance, we have begun the transformation of our old ProShop into a homework area.  We will have disinfecting wipes located in the area so our students can wipe their areas down once finished.



Currently in the state of Ohio it is mandated to wear a mask unless performing physical activities.  Although we know wearing a mask is encouraged for our little ones, we will not force our students who are participating in physical activities to wear one.  Our staff members will wear masks unless it impedes their ability to instruct.  We request parents or family members who will remain in the lobby to wear a mask as we know this will be a new normal to help mitigate the spread of bacteria and COVID-19.  We are all in this together and being able to provide a safe and clean space for our families is always our goal.



We request any students who are sick or have sick family members to refrain from coming to the gym.  Please perform a self-assessment before coming into class as we want to mitigate the potential spread of bacteria and COVID-19.  If you, your child or anyone in your family are displaying symptoms of illness, please reschedule into an open gym as this will also be a new policy found below.



(NEW POLICY THIS YEAR) To help aid in social distancing, we are requesting families who need to reschedule a class, please reschedule into an open gym through your parent portal or through the website: .  This is different than our old make-up policy where students could reschedule into an alternative but normal class time during this week.  We are doing this with the intention to keep the number of children in the gym to a safe minimum.



We are still offering birthday parties to our families, please email in from the webpage if you are looking for a specific date and time: We have decreased the amount of parties per day and have increased the amount of time between parties to allow for an entire facility sanitation between parties.



We have a scheduled Parent Night Out on various dates throughout our school year.  These events do require pre-registration.  Spots are limited.



In a perfect world we would be able to mitigate the risk 100%, but we know we are human and will continue to do our best.  We have our own ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging machine which will be used to disinfect the entire facility each night.  We have disinfectant wipes located around the gym along with hand sanitizer.  We always encourage hand washing as it is more effective than hand sanitizer or wipes.   


Please bear with us as we will be doing our best to become accustomed to new guidelines.  Please check your JackRabbit Parent Portal Located here: as we have updated our policies.  Due to the nature of our gym and to make sure our students are safe; we will continue to provide hands on spotting and when able will demonstrate and verbally instruct skills.  If you are uncomfortable with our coaches going hands on with your child, we kindly ask you refrain from coming to classes.  Our goal is to make sure our students are safe and able to learn in a safe manner, therefore our coaches will be hands on during class.

We thank you for trusting us with your children, as we have grown to care for our families over the years. 


Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  We expect to have questions and if needed we will create a FAQ to help address any questions our families have.  Please remember our number one concern is the safety of our students, their families and our staff.  Thank you again for choosing Busy Kids to help provide a safe place and a sense of normalcy for your children during these uncertain times.

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