2019 - 2020 Class Schedule

We offer classes for children from ages 1½ to 12 years old.  Our mission is to provide a safe, FUN, and educational environment where children can develop self-confidence, a love of physical activity, and the feeling of personal achievements. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where learning and turning is FUN!


We offer classes in: Recreational Gymnastics for preschool students & school-agers, ninja classes, cheer, & tumble!


We offer flexible scheduling for each age group and some various levels depending on the class.  We have classes, which vary in length, depending on your child's age.


Our school year is from August-July of the respective year and is split into 10 sessions. Each session is 4 weeks long. Your child automatically is enrolled in ALL the sessions based on their start date until either a 2 week notice is given or the school year ends.


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Preschool Gymnastics (1½ - 5)

If you have a BUSY preschooler, this is the program for your child. Each age group will focus on their respective developmental areas. The preschoolers will follow a new lesson plan and theme biweekly. They will learn a new skill weekly. It will all take place in an atmosphere Where Learning and Turning is FUN!

Tiny Kids - 4 week session

1½ -3 yrs. (Coed)


This class is for the busy toddler! Take a class with your child and help your child work on their fine motor skills. Apparatus such as beam, bars, foam pit, spring floor, and trampolines will be used. One adult per child. 



Little Kids -  4 week session

3 1/2-4 yrs. (Coed)

This class is perfect for your independent toddler. Classes are structured and based around a lesson plan that changes every 2 weeks. Themes are also bi-weekly. Your child will learn skills on beam, bars, work on the trampolines, spring floor, and more! And they will LOVE the foam pit. 


*4 Week Session 

*3 year olds must have participated in the Tiny Kids class or have been enrolled in a separate Preschool Program to begin in the Little Kids program. 



Super Kids - 4 week session

4-5 yrs. (Coed)

This class is perfect for your independent child. Classes are structured and based around a lesson plan that changes every 2 weeks. Themes are also bi-weekly. Your child will learn skills on beam, bars, work on the trampolines, spring floor, and more! Skills are more focused and children will begin learning core skills to help with their individual progressions. 


*4 Week Session

School Ager Gymnastics & Tumbling (5½ - 12)


We will offer a FUN, high energy noncompetitive atmosphere for school age children to learn the sport of gymnastics, guided by the USAG Jr. Olympic program. The students will have fun while they learn to achieve new skills. No prior experience neccesary.

Gym Kids -  4 week session

5½ -12 yrs. (Girls)

Just starting out in gymnastics? This class is for you! Catering to Levels 1-3, your child will learn core skills on beam, bars, trampolines, basic tumbling, and more! 


*4 Week Session Fee 

Tumble Kids - 4 week session

6-12 yrs. (Coed)

Tumble Kids work on just that! Tumbling!! Your child will build strength and coordination needed for handsprings, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and more! This class also includes conditioning so be ready to work hard!  

**TUMBLE I - For students who are still working on their handstands, cartwheels and roundoffs.

**TUMBLE II - For students who already have a solid handstand, cartwheel and roundoff.


Prior experience necessary.

NINJA KIDS (4 - 12)

Do you have a child that has a passion for a challenge? Our Ninja Class will ensure your child uses their mind, body, and teamwork to get through our FUN and challenging obstacles. We have combined martial arts, gymnastics, obstacles, and strength training into one FUN and challenging class! This class will help your child understand their body and find the discipline to work through this fit class.  Student must have ability to do forward rolls without assistance.

**LITTLE NINJA - for ages 4-6

**NINJA I - for ages 6-8

**NINJA II - for ages 8 - 12



1. It's FUN!

2. Develops Strength

3. Develops Flexibility

4. Develops Coordination

5. Teaches Listening Skills

6. Gains Self-Esteem & Confidence

7. Provides Social Interaction With Peers

8. Teaches Goal Setting

9. Develops Cognitive Abilities

10.Develops Skills to Enhance Other Sports


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