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We offer classes for children from ages 1½ to 12 years old.  Our mission is to provide a safe, FUN, and educational environment where children can develop self-confidence, a love of physical activity, and the feeling of personal achievements. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where learning and turning is FUN!


We offer classes in: Recreational Gymnastics for preschool students & school-agers, ninja classes, cheer, & tumble!


We offer flexible scheduling for each age group and some various levels depending on the class.  We have classes, which vary in length, depending on your child's age.


Classes are determined by child’s age as of August 15.

Preschool Gymnastics (1½ - 5)

If you have a BUSY preschooler, this is the program for your child. Each age group will focus on their respective developmental areas. The preschoolers will follow a new lesson plan and theme biweekly. They will learn a new skill weekly. It will all take place in an atmosphere Where Learning and Turning is FUN!

Tiny Kids - $43 per 4 week session

1½ -3 yrs. (Coed)



wed          10:15-10:45am

wed          11:00-11:30am

wed          4:25-4:55pm

wed          6:50-7:20pm

thur          11:00-11:30am

thur          11:35-12:05pm

thur          4:25-4:55pm

thur          6:50-7:20pm   

sat            9:00-9:30am   


*4 Week Session Fee $43


Little Kids - $63 per 4 week session

3-4 yrs. (Coed)


wed          9:15-10:00am   

wed          5:00-5:45pm   

wed          5:55-6:40pm

thur          9:15-10:00am   

thur          10:10-10:55pm

thur          5:00-5:45pm

thur          5:55-6:40pm

sat            9:30-10:15am

sat            10:25-11:10am


*4 Week Session Fee $63


Super Kids - $63 per 4 week session

4-5 yrs. (Coed)




mon          4-445pm

wed          9:15-10:00am

wed          5:00-5:45pm

wed          5:55-6:40pm

thur          9:15-10:00am

thur          10:10-10:55pm

thur          5:00-5:45pm

thur          5:55-6:40pm

sat            9:30-10:15am

sat            10:25-11:10am



*4 Week Session Fee $63

Register for classes by filling out this form with payment and mailing it to:
3061 Wilmington Pike Kettering 45429. Please be sure to contact the office before choosing class type for availability. You can also email the completed form to and make payment by calling the office at 937-298-9191.
Registration Form 2017.pdf
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Instructional Gymnastics & Tumbling (5½ - 12)

We will offer a FUN, high energy noncompetitive atmosphere for school age children to learn the sport of gymnastics, guided by the USAG Jr. Olympic program. The students will have fun while they learn to achieve new skills.

Gym Kids - $73 per 4 week session

5½ -12 yrs. (Girls)

mon          5:00-5:55pm

mon          6:00-6:55pm

tues          4:00-4:55pm

tues          5:00-5:55pm

tues          6:00-6:55pm


*4 Week Session Fee $73

Mighty Kids - $73 per 4 week session

5½ -12 yrs. (Boys)

mon          5:00-5:55pm

tues          5:00-5:55pm


*4 Week Session Fee $73

Tumble Kids - $73 per 4 week session

6-12 yrs. (Coed)

mon          4:00-4:55pm


*4 Week Session Fee $73




Do you have a child that has a passion for a challenge? Our Ninja Class will ensure your child uses their mind, body, and teamwork to get through our FUN and challenging obstacles. We have combined martial arts, gymnastics, obstacles, and strength trainin into one FUN and challenging class!

Ninja Kids - $63 per 4 week session

5 1/2-12 yrs. (Coed)

tues          6:00-6:45pm

tues          7:00-7:45pm

thur          7:30-8:15pm


*4 Week Session Fee $63



Spirited child? This class is for you! Learn the basics of cheer & chant in our Cheer Kids class! Learn motions, jumps, cheer, and chants!

Cheer Kids - $63 per session

5 1/2-12 yrs. (Coed)

mon          4:00-4:45pm


*4 Week Session Fee $63




There is a registration fee of $30 per school year (August-July) for the first child or $45 per immediate family to enroll. This fee helps defray administrative costs, liability insurance, and special discounts on various events.


Tuition Policy


Tuition is paid every four weeks on a continuous basis. Payment is due on the first day of class of each four week session. If payment is not received by the first class of the session then a $5 late fee will be applied. Payments can be made using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Check, or Cash.


Class Discounts


Individual Student Discount 
25% off second class 

*applies when a student is enrolled in 2 or more classes during the same session


Family Discount
(applies only to immediate family)
10% off for 2nd sibling
20% off for 3rd sibling
20% off for each sibling thereafter


Attendance & Makeup Classes


Just like at a private school, your tuition pays for a class regardless of attendance. However, you may makeup a class within 30 days of the missed class. We will offer your child a free open gym class, or a makeup date. You must be enrolled in class in order to do a makeup. No credit is given for missed class. Makeup date must be scheduled at the front desk.


Proper Attire Required


We recommend preschool and instructional girls to wear a leotard or cotton shorts with a tight fitting T-shirt. Boys may wear a T-shirt and athletic type shorts. There is no gum, jewelry, and long hair must be tied back.


Class Withdrawal Policy


Your child is enrolled each session unless Busy Kids Gymnastics receives a completed withdrawal notice two weeks prior to withdrawal. Fees will be due as per the tuition policy.



1. It's FUN!

2. Develops Strength

3. Develops Flexibility

4. Develops Coordination

5. Teaches Listening Skills

6. Gains Self-Esteem & Confidence

7. Provides Social Interaction With Peers

8. Teaches Goal Setting

9. Develops Cognitive Abilities

10.Develops Skills to Enhance Other Sports


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Hours of Operation

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